Anywhere Email

Our Hosted Exchange service allows users to experience the full capabilities of their Exchange Mailbox no matter what the device or the computer. Windows Mobile phone connect with free Activesync connectivity. iPhone and Mac computers with Entourage client is also supported. Experience the richest features with Microsoft Outlook 2007. When your on the road or using a public computer, you can access your mailbox using Outlook Web Access, our free webmail site. With our optional Blackberry Enterprise Server Plan Add-On you can have real time wireless Mailbox synchronization to your Blackberry phone.

Intelligent Spam Blocking

CloudMail provides all of its customers superior Spam Blocking as a courtesy service. We use IP reputation filtering, Bayesian and other advanced anti-spam technology modules. Our Hosted Exchange and OWA customers can rest assured that the spam capture rate will be the highest possible.

Synchronize Your Mobile Devices Wirelessly

Our wireless platform enables you to extend the benefits of your Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 messaging and collaboration environment and other tools to your wireless handheld device. iPhones, Windows Mobile Devices work absolutely free and effortlessly with our Hosted Exchange Plan. Blackberry phones require Blackberry Enterprise Server CAL (licence) which is included in the optional Blackberry Enterprise Server Plan Add-On.

Contact Management & Task Management

Simplify the management of customers and suppliers in your organization with shared addressbooks. You can create address books which are shared to certain people or all poeple. Your address book is yours and is private unless you choose to share it. Contacts and Tasks are always synched wirelessly to all your enabled devices, and where ever you check your mailbox. This eliminates clutter and saves time by avoiding double entries of information in different places. Also you can share tasks to other members of your organization to enhance collaboration.

Calendar Sharing and Synchronization

Calendar sharing allows other members of your organization to view your calendar or any shared calendar. You can assign calendars to resources, rooms, or people. With Hosted Exchange you get real time wireless synchronization of your calendar to your mobile phone or any PC using Outlook Web Access. Say good bye to that paper day planner, your exchange mailbox is with you wherever you go. Rest assured your information is securely backed up, so even if you lose your phone, or your computer breaks, your information is safe and easily accessible on the exchange server.

Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Outlook Web Access (OWA) is an intuitive Web2.0 interface to your exchange mailbox. It is compatible with all browsers on most computers, including Macs and Windows based PCs. OWA provides you with access to your exchange mailbox from any computer or location using an internet web browser. Add an item to your calendar and immediately it synchs to your Outlook on the desktop, your phone, and your laptop.

Compatible with Windows and Mac

CloudMails Hosted Exchange fully supports Mac computers, laptops and Microsoft Windows PCs and notebooks. Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and Entourage are all supported email clients.